Organized Pick-UP


Organized play at Futbol Club STL is a prescheduled game for a group of players. The process is a simple one, rent a field, bring your friends, play a game. No referees, no substitutes (unless you want subs), just pick a time, a day and come play. Futbol club STL will provide bibs/vests at the beginning of the game so players can be divided into two teams,


  1. Out of bounds is when the ball hits the black net either on the sides or on top. Ball gets place on the group and game restarts.
  2. Alternate goalie every time your team gets scored on, unless you are lucky enough to know a goalie that wants to play on your squad.
  3. Goalies cannot throw the ball pass the center line with their hands.
  4. Goalies can pick up the ball at any time in their goal box, including passes back from his own team
  5. No cleats allowed, turf or flats are perfect.


Looking for a way to get your players more touches without your organization or time?

Encourage your team to join us at Futbol Club STL for our open play for youth and adult. Pick-Up is a weekly program that is flexible to players schedule - join us one week and miss the next if needed - providing the ideal environment for self-improvement. With 4v4 and 5v5 structure, games will provide a wealth of action where players are touching the ball, on average five times more than in an 11v11 game, sharpening their skills, reflexes, and developing confidence in your players.

Please make sure everyone has signed the facility waiver, if ou have not already -> Waiver link


If you want to play a game during the week, and don’t have 11 friends who can partake, we will find you a weekly game to play in. Click on FIND ME A GROUP button below to leave your information and we will go to work to find you a game at your level.
Please keep in mind, due to COVID-19, the process of putting players together might take a bit longer.

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